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Centurion Product Benefits

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Fed Spec commercial grade asphalt sealer is the longest lasting sealer available today.  Our sealer delivers durability and longevity un-matched by the competition. In independent brush testing, Fed Spec managed to withstand over 4000 cycles which is nearly double that of its nearest competitor. Fed Spec provides better protection & nicer finishes that last longer.


Fed Spec contains black color pigment and a drying agent that create a rich, black matte finish. After application, the asphalt is restored to its original color, covering any un-sightly stains or blemishes.

Dry Time

Fed Spec sealer can fully cure in as little as 4 hours. You may walk on the asphalt surface; also apply marking paint in as little as 1 hour.

Spill Resistance

Refined Tar Emulsion is your best defense against petroleum based chemical spills (gas, oil, antifreeze). By applying Fed Spec sealer you can prevent future costly repairs caused by leaking vehicles.

Residential or Industrial

A finish fit for your home with the durability that satisfies any parking lot. Fed Spec is extremely versatile. When applied correctly it can last up to 2 years on lite-commercial applications and up to 5 years on most residential asphalt surfaces.

Non-Trackable - sticks to asphalt, will not track in your home or business

Low Maintenance - apply once every 3-5 years depending on traffic and weather.


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